Thursday, December 6, 2012


Fuhhh..terbakorr poket dgn offer from Milkadeal & Streetdeal niiiii...

Help meeeeee...


Husband..don't say anything k  

Sunday, November 11, 2012



Rasulallah SAW said:

When a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at both of them with Mercy.


Just came back from short holiday...happiness all along the way...

Till then...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dedicated to my husband...

Ku pilih hatimu
Tanpa rasa ragu
mencintaimu adalah hal yang terindah
dalam hidupku oh sayang
kau detak jantung hatiku
setiap nafasku hembuskan namamu
sumpah mati hati ingin memilihmu
dalam hidupku oh sayang
kau segalanya untukku
janganlah jangan kau sakiti cinta ini
sampai nanti di saat ragaku
sudah tidak bernyawa lagi
dan menutup mata ini untuk yang terakhir
setiap nafasku (setiap nafasku)
hembuskan namamu (hembuskan namamu)
sumpah mati (sumpah mati)
hati ingin memilihmu (ku milikmu)
dalam hidupku oh sayang
kau segalanya untukku ooh
janganlah jangan kau sakiti cinta ini
sampai nanti di saat ragaku
sudah tidak bernyawa lagi
dan menutup mata ini untuk yang terakhir
oh tolonglah jangan kau sakiti hati ini
sampai nanti di saat nafasku
sudah tidak berhembus lagi
karena sungguh cinta ini cinta sampai mati
tolonglah jangan kau sakiti cinta ini
sampai nanti aku tidak bernyawa lagi
dan menutup mata ini untuk yang terakhir
oh tolonglah jangan kau sakiti hati ini
sampai nanti di saat nafasku
sudah tidak berhembus lagi
karena sungguh cinta ini cinta sampai mati
cinta sampai mat

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The death will come.. are you?doing well or busy with unfinished task???orait don't keep nagging but always thankful to Allah because of HIM we still alive..

Al-Fatihah to my uncle (Syed Fadil) or we called him Ami Padin, he passed away on Tuesday night right after he was having his early you left us but we pray that his place in Jannah (Paradise)..this year we celebrate Ramadhan and Syawal without him..

My family..Azim has recover from his illness and alhamdulillah, no more cranky boy but crying is his habit..i kept laughing when Azim called his Ami Cu (my youngest brother) by his name.."Moten..bucuk.."Moten..babap kang" comel and u make my day..luv u my son..

Emm..Abyana, dah besar dah anak dara mama ni..bila nak berjalan ni??? heavy tau nak dukung dia ni..her favourite is eat & eat & eat..hahaha..don't be fat my sweetheart..

In the next 2 weeks Ramadhan will come..happy Ramadhan in advance to all of you..ligat kepala ni fikir ..what to cook..nak cari resepi lagi..haha, i'm love to cook but "malas" always interfere in the middle..

Ok la..we will meet again next time..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Assalammualaikum & Good morning..emm i have nasi goreng for breakfast i'm full of energy and ready to do my work..vroomm..vroomm

FYI, my parent was here from Tuesday to take care my son, Azim who has suffered infection from the nursery which is really bad..that really stress my husband and me because we pity on Azim for comfortableness and we don't want to burden my parent. On the other side, i love them to be at my house because my mum will cook delicious food for lunch and dinner and believe me all food are marvellous. Like yesterday, we have "udang masak cili api"-awesome..  

If you asking about Abyana, she is still in good condition and debab and kuat makan..we still sent her to nursery coz i don't want burden my parent more..Abyana and Azim is sent to a same nursery but different block..

As regard to Azim's infection..I have called the owner and asking whether there are any other children suffered the infection..and the common answer.."no Puan, everything is good and bla..bla..bla"...What i regret more is no single word from the owner either Azim is okay or when Azim will return to the nursery.. 

One thing to share here, the last time i took Azim from the nursery, the babysitter there just wake up from sleep..HELLO!!! if you sleep, who will look after the children???.i 'm wordless that time but being a curious mother i'll report the matter to the owner when i have the opportunity to do so..I'm not exaggerating but this is my duty as a mother..we paid you for the service and in return, please take care of our child this wrong?????I'm still angry but at the same time, i'm still have consideration that maybe the babysitter is unwell on that day..

By today, Azim's infection look better from before..Alhamdulillah..He test us with the infection and teach us to be patience and calm..Thank You ALLAH..

Later, in afternoon, i need to go to Kajang..part of my work & responsibility..hehe i'll bring my father as accompany me for "borak-borak"..

Till then..see you later in the next post..hug & kiss to all of u..bye2.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today (26/6/2012) is my husband's birthday..


Happy birthday to the love of my life and the husband of my dreams..wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming year..

I hope that your birthday is beautiful, wonderful and full of love..i love my life with you...

Can't wait to have dinner with you..mmuahh

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Salam..hi everyone, how's your life today? filled with excitement or full with anger..haha, anyway we must accept that because it's part of our life..

"To my husband..i love you and to my children, busuk masam..mama will try to be the best for both of you"..(my love word to them)...

This week is so hectic to me because one of my assistant on a week medical leave..she has bleeding (pregnant) and was advised by doctor to take i need to cover her work (actually my works which were assigned to her)..

Emm..i'm having a heavy lunch rite one authentic chinese muslim restaurant near my office..i rate them 4 out of 5..actually i forgot the name, if i'm remember i shall inform to you later..the restaurant is near Festival City, Danau Kota Setapak..

Last night my brother missed call and bbm'ed me..(even though he stays with me but i'm only see him during morning and afternoon..other than that time..he's missing in action)..what disappointing me is his message mentioned about his examination result..the result is not good and really make me and my other sibling upset.. i'm not sure what are the actions will be taken by my other advise to my brother, please be prepared with the decision.. 

I have to go since my big boss is in the office now..he's really kind but we must be ready for any incoming questions from him...

Monday, June 18, 2012


Good morning everyone, i hope and wish your day filled with beautiful events and people...and also with Allah's blessing...

Last Saturday, due to promise made by me to my oldest sister, Kak Long, my mother and me went to Jalan Tar (Abyana pun i bawa tau..)..i'm hesitate to go but Kak Long keep bebel-bebel, buat muka kesian and said teringin nak makan laksam kat pasar pegi jela..Sogo as you know always have the "sale" and i bought comforter set for only RM99 and free 2 pillows. Later, stop by Gulatis and bought kain for hari colour theme is purple..firstly i want choose pink but wasn't approved by my husband..he do not and shall not wear any pink outfit..(mengada-ngada kan..)

The outside were very hot and with haze condition, so Abyana is kind of meragam jugala..but at least we got to have laksam and nasi kerabu..(the stall is near Mydin-yang jual baju-baju)..

On Sunday, we have a great lunch..cooked by my aunty at Cheras, the celebration or majlis kesyukuran is to celebrate the acceptance of my cousin into Uitm..well done dear, study smart nanti..the menu are ayam kampung masak lemak cili api (superb), sambal udang (marvellous), ikan talapia sambal (best), pecal (bertambah-tambah makan), vege soup & fruits..thanks ende tipah & ende diah..(emm lapar la pulak).
And for yesterday, i did not cook for dinner because there has Pasar Malam at my place..we bought a delicious bihun sup, yong tau fu, nasi ayam, keropok lekor and the list go on...

As for Azim, he don't want anything but he aims for patung harimau and crying till no end..kesian my Azim, your walid didn't entertain your request la..don't worry sayang, mama will buy you that thing next week k :)

Ok la, see you all next time, need to think what to cook for tonite..maybe fried kuay teow je kot..


When i referred to my last post, i'm realize that it has been a year..what a shame to me..
To inform you, i have delivered a beautiful baby girl in this world and i named her "Abyana"..She is such a sweet and chubby baby. She's look alike my mother..muka bulat..haha, we called her tok mak junior..She's now 8 months..

budak tembam 

Alhamduliilah, the process to deliver Abyana has no much difficulties..just have two "push"..she safely entered to a new world..welcome my princess, may Allah blessed you..

Not to forget, my elder son, Azim.. very helpful (sometimes..hehe), fussy and easy to cry..he loves his adik so much..the way he touch adik, very gentle and probably he wont' ever do anything harm to his adik (except masukkan makanan dlm mulut adik) BUT no one can touch his mainan..better put it back.

azim & abyana

I have changed my workplace started early this year..yeah sometimes we need it for satisfaction but the major point is the salary..too many thing to "paid" and beyond our expectation alhamdulillah my husband and me manage to bought a house for our small family. We actually are planning to buy a house in another 3 years but Allah has planned the best for us.

From January to June this year..a lot of celebrations we attended but my photographer always missing in action in doing his job..yelah always busy kejar anak, so no time to take any pictures.

This June also remark my husband's birthday..maybe we can have a small celebration for both of us and for my husband..." dah tua la".. 

Ok, maybe i'll write again next time..till then take care of your healthy (the haze condition is very bad rite now..drink a lot of water)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good news

Last 3 weeks..asik pening kepala, loya2, badan rasa lemah sgt..dalam fikiran dah terfikir "emm pregnant ke ni"..beli pregnancy test..after 3 days baru test..hahaha alhamdulillah firasat tu yes  I'M PREGNANT..

Tapi tak jumpa doctor pun lagi..bulan depanla..azim pun nak kena cucuk bulan depan..sekali harung..alhamdulillah dah dekat sebulan ni kesihatan masih baik..bbeza dgn yang pertama dulu..melepek terus..asik muntah je, sekarang ni suma makanan nampak best je..

Kesian kat Cardiac, dia yg kena pening2..demam..sekejap je..badan dia tak sihat..

Last week ada interview..saje2 je try my luck..klu ada rezeki memang rezeki anak betul..kalau tak memang bukan ditakdirkan untuk naja la..

Nak diikutkan, maybe naja deliver masa bulan 10..harap2 sempat nak buat besday azim..kesian azim first besday dia ktorg tak buat apa2 pun..yelah 2nd hari i'll make sure ayah dia tak ngelat lagi..

Last sunday cardiac bw makan steak..tapi kedai tutup terusla gi One Utama...Seoul Garden penuh..pastu pegila mkn kat kedai apa ye..emm lupa plak, rasa best...tapi nak diikutkan ada kedai lain yang lagi best..boleh!!!

Gambar malas nak upload..xde masa..lagi satu cardiac tu pun dah mls nak amik2 gambar ni dah..nape abg???i dah xcomel lagi ke??? hihihi

update: gambar cilok dr adik kat FB-masa kat Ou aritu

Oklah..sok sambung lagi..tu pun kalau rajin..